Our history

JVP STEEL has a storied past since the founding in 1975. Our history is part of our platform for future success and thus intimately linked to our present activities and future goals.

The history begins in 1975 when Jan V. Stjernebjerg still in technical school founded a company named “JVP Stålmontage” dealing with selling and erecting steel halls. By the early 1980’s focus shifted to steel and machine constructions to large industrial facilities and power plants. During the 1980’s the named changed to JVP STEEL A/S. The fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 opened up Eastern Europe and thus made it possible for companies from this region to compete for projects in Scandinavia. This new wave of competition made it more difficult to compete and win new projects. This challenge only grew through the 1990’s as Eastern European companies gained more experience and became more skilled. To stay competitive JVP STEEL A/S opened a branch office in Szczecin Poland in 2003 and began looking for suitable facilities to start up production. In 2004 all production facilities in Denmark were sold off and a Polish adventure could begin. Since establishing the facilities in Poland the company has experienced a positive growth and has taken on both the infrastructure sector as well as the wind industry and we are now proud to see that our portfolio of customers include some of the largest global suppliers of waste-to-energy and biomass facilities, some of the largest contractors in Scandinavia for infrastructure projects, and also the largest suppliers of wind turbines in the world.