HSE Policy

We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and have put into words an HSE policy that defines how we avoid accidents, maintain job satisfaction and ensure a safe and motivating work environment.

  • We are committed to respecting employee rights and we comply with national and international labour laws.
  • We are dedicated to continually improving our work environment.
  • We are actively working to reduce workplace injuries.
  • We contribute to employee development through training and development programmes.
  • We encourage all employees to report all accidents as well as near misses.
  • We expect our employees to contribute with improvement proposals, taking on the responsibility for their own working environment.
  • Working environment issues are always considered in connection with new investments.
  • Within financial limits, initiatives improving the work environment are always prioritized.

Through education and information, we ensure that our employees adhere to the codes of practice of our HSE policy.