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1975: The first company is established

2,60 Kr. in the bank and an apprenticeship as a metalworker interrupted due to a back injurie. That was the sad situation for Jan V. Stjernebjerg in early 1975. With a great deal of will and luck he founded the company “JVP Stålmontage ApS”, with himself as the only employee. In the beginning the company sold and erected steel halls.


1980: Expansion and new industries

By the eighties JVP had expanded and started supplying the growing energy sector with steel constructions. JVP has put a mark on nearly all power plants in Denmark. HC Ørstedsværket as seen on the picture is one of many.

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1990: SN Holding A/S

In 1990 the company, now known as JVP STÅL A/S, was sold to the investment company ABV Industri A/S (the later SN Holding A/S) together with five other companies. This group of companies, all working within the field of steel and technical articles, was meant to create a competitive union on the Danish market by close collaboration. 

However, the marriage ended in 1994 with Jan V. Stjernebjerg buying back all shares in JVP.

1999: Jern Holding A/S

1999 saw an outsider once again take control of the company. JVP STÅL A/S was sold to the steel group Jern Holding A/S, situated in Skjern. Together with other companies in this new group, JVP STÅL was involved in the making of the new roof construction at the national soccer arena in Copenhagen.

2001: Private ownership

Due to financial struggles in the Jern Holding Group Jan V. Stjernebjerg once again was offered to buy back JVP STÅL. An opportunity he took and once more he was the owner of the company.

2003: JVP STEEL Poland

In 2003 the Polish company JVP STEEL Poland Sp. z o.o was established in Szczecin. The early fabrication took place in rented facilities, but in 2006 the facilities on Dubois was purchased. By 2004 all production facilities in Denmark were sold off. 

2010: Szczecin Shipyard

In 2010 JVP STEEL expanded with new workshops on the premises of the historic Szczecin Shipyard. The shipyard which officially closed in 2002 had since been transformed into an industrial park servicing many companies. JVP STEEL has approx. 10.000 m2 quayside workshops at this location.