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As a company, we strive for technical excellence and to provide the best overall value to the projects developed by our clients. By continuously improving and advancing our company, we ensure our customers on-time deliveries and first-in-class products.

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As a JVP employee you get access to various different perks and benefits that we hope will contribute to your health, wellbeing and work life balance. 

Competitive base salary

We offer competitive base salary which is at the center of your rewards.

Continuous learning

Whatever your career ambitions are, JVP STEEL offers the chance for you to develop your skills and build your knowledge through formal and informal trainings.

Health and wellbeing

We encourage our employees to create and maintain healthy habits in their everyday work life but also their free time.


Our core benefits include health insurance, life assurance, long term disability insurance, flexible working life and much more.


Equal opportunities

As an employer we continuously strive to have an inclusive work culture, with trust and respect for all individuals. Our objective is to offer equality to both prospective employees during the fair running of recruitment activity, as well as for existing employees via our flexible and fair work practises and policies.  To support equal opportunities we promote a healthy, productive, and flexible working environment that respects work-life balance.


Please inform us if you require any reasonable adjustments to the selection process, including any assessments or interviews. Any information about health or disability that is disclosed will be kept confidential.


JVP Welding School

Opening soon!

We are opening a welding school which will educate people who wishes to learn the art of building steel constructions and welding. If your training is successful, you will most likely be offered a job at JVP STEEL.

We organize special courses for fitters and welders in the following most common welding processes:​

·     135 – Metal active gas welding 

·     136 - MAG welding with flux cored electrode

·     138 – MAG welding with metal cored electrode


And less frequently used processes:

·     111 – manual arc welding 

·     121 – Submerged arc welding with solid wire electrode

·     141 – TIG gas tungsten arc welding

The welding course typically have a duration of a 2-3 weeks and will take place at JVP’s workshops in Szczecin. We provide qualified staff with the privileges of EWE/IWE conferred by the IIW.

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